Single Teat Feeder

The Single Teat Lamb Feeder offers an efficient way of supplying milk to a lamb. Each feeder is fitted with pull through lamb teat to deliver milk by gravity feed.

Code Capacity Dimensions (mm) Teat
GF01 8 Ltr / 1.75 Gal 325 L x 240 W x 290 H Starter
GF01-CT8 8 Ltr / 1.75 Gal 325 L x 240 W x 290 H Lamb Teat
GF01-CT9 8 Ltr / 1.75 Gal 325 L x 240 W x 290 H EazyFlow


  • Fitted with our Lamb Teat.
  • Designed with 2 reinforced hangers for mounting on a gate, rail or fence.
  • Fitted with 2 plastics hooks to provide extra security.
  • Designed with minimum crevices making them easy to clean.


  • An efficient way of delivering milk to a lamb.
  • The teats encourage a natural sucking action allowing milk to be delivered at an optimum rate.
  • 20mm bored hole for teat fitting.

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