Hybrid flex cubicle

We’ve used our 40 years of design experience to develop the optimum cow cubicle. The Hybrid Flex Cubicle combines the flexibility of plastic and the stability of a steel structure. Our unique combination delivers maximum comfort for the cow without compromising the strength of the cubicle. Features
The Hybrid Flex Cubicle provides the perfect amount flexibility, whilst also ensuring the animal remains within the cubicle bed.

We bend the Plastic Pipe 180 Degrees at the end. This provides the optimum level of flexibility, whilst maintaining the strength of the cubicle.

Heavy-Wall Plastic Pipe reduces bruising on the animal and allows for the animals movement when entering and leaving the bed.

The increased space for each cow increases the animals’ resting time, which leads to higher milk production.

Our Zig-Zag Rail gives each animal more space to stand, and also centres them in the cubicle bed.

The Hybrid Flex Cubicle uses our latest ‘easy fit’ design. Our innovative mounting system uses fewer posts, which also helps to speed up the installation process.

The steel structure allows the spacing of the cubicle to be adjusted easily. This also provides added stability to the cubicle.

All clamps are heavy duty 5mm pressed steel. All bolts are hot dip galvanised and complete with lock nuts.

Technical Information
Cubicle Plastic: 75mm x 12.5mm PPR Pipe

Mounting Post: 76mm x 3.65mm located every 8ft-9ft

Cubicle Support Rails: 60mm x 3.25mm CHS

Zig-Zag Headrail: 48mm x 2.5mm CHS

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