ATV 340L Milk Kart Range

The ATV Milk Kart is the perfect solution for transporting milk on the farm and provides quick and efficient calf feeding. This labour and time saving Kart is available fitted with a motorised mixer eliminating the need to hand mix milk replacement powder.

Capacity: 340L
Dimensions: 1970 x 1050 x 1271 mm
Barcode: 5391509625524

Code Fitted
A-MK3403: Without mixer
A-MK340M3: With mixer
A-MK340P3: With Pump
A-MK340MP3: With Mixer & Pump


  • Can be fitted with a CE Approved motorised mixer. (A-MK340M)
  • 340L capacity polyethylene drum placed into a galvanised steel frame.
  • Fitted with 2 4ply Road Wheels for smooth handling even on rough terrain.
  • 1.5″ lever valve controls how much milk is dispensed.
  • Fitted with jockey wheel
  • Twist on lid to reduce spillages.


  • Perfect for transporting liquid milk or milk replacer around the farm.
  • Reduces the amount of labour and time involved in calf feeding.
  • Eliminates the need to hand mix milk replacement powder. (A-MK340M)
  • Allows user to control the amount of milk dispensed to each calf.
  • Large enough to mix two bags of milk replacer (340L required)

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