Adjustable cantilever cubicle

We have been designing various styles of cow cubicles since our inception in the early 1980s. The Adjustable Cantilever Cubicle features a post and rail system and has been used very successfully for many years. They are the standard bearer in terms of cow comfort, safety and longevity. They are very quick and easy to install; once the posts are in place, all other components are attached using high quality clamps and fastenings.

The clever positioning of the top and bottom support rails prevents walk through, without interfering with the cow’s “lunge zone”.
Our innovative Zig Zag Neck rail is available as an optional extra with these cow cubicles. This increases the neck rail height by 150mm and improves the animal’s standing position prior to lying down.
Fitting the cubicle onto two support rails in a post and rail system makes it easy to adjust the width of the beds at your convenience.
Adjustable Cantilever Cubicles are available in various mounting options; in single rows, head to head rows, or directly onto a wall.

Installation Instructions

If the Adjustable Cantilever Cubicles are not suitable for your needs, you may also want to check out our SuperSpace & Hybrid Flex options.

Be sure to check out this Teagasc report on cubicle beds and cow health.

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