Spreading Dairy sludge
Spreading dairy Sludge
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Why Use Dairy Sludge As A Fertiliser?

1.       Dairy Sludge is a FREE fertiliser option that can lead to significant savings for a farming enterprise.

2.       It is nutrient rich in highly available inorganic macronutrients.

3.       It is certified organic by the Organic Trust.

4.       A standard application per Ha can contain the equivalent of €300 of phosphorus and €186 of nitrogen.

What Will FRS Enviornmental Do For You?

  1.        We will look after your application and quota every step of the way.
  2.       Including: 
        • Soil sampling
        • Creation of NMP
        • Buffer Mapping
        • Delivery of sludge

How Do I Get Started?

1.       To begin you will need a copy of your LPIS maps which are issued by the Department of Agriculture.                                         These maps are used to establish buffer zones.

2.       You will need soil test results that are a maximum of 3 years old.

3.      You will need to complete a farm questionare.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Dairy Sludge?

Dairy sludge is a nutrient rich organic by-product of the waste water treatment process. It is free of heavy metals and is certified as an organic fertiliser.

What Nutrients Are Present In Dairy Sludge?

Values for 2023 (wet basis):

    • Nitrogen (N) = 7.2 Units per Tonne (8.9Kg N/Ha).
    • Phospherus (P) =7.1 Units per Tonne (8.7Kg P/Ha).

What Is The Availability Of The Nutrients?

The availability of N is assumed at 40%.

The availibility of P is assumed at 100%.

What Crops Can Be Fertilised With Dairy Sludge?

Dairy sludge can be used to fertilise many crops from grassland to tillage, to ornamental.

Is Land Application Safe?

The application of dairy sludge is controlled and carried out in accordance with the Nitrates regulation. This is approved by the EPA and helps prevent negative environmental impacts.

What Is The Minimum Period Of Time To Wait After Spreading Dairy Sludge To Turn Out For Grazing?

Bord Bia have approved the application of dairy sludge as an organic fertiliser once applied as approved by the EPA.

A minimum of 21 days must be left between sludge appplications and grazing.

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