Industrial Fencing

KCDFRS specialise in industrial fencing in the southeast of Ireland. We have a proven track record in advising, supplying and installation of industrial fencing in Carlow & Kilkenny.

We pride ourselves on delivering you the best quality and value when delivering an industrial fencing project.

Industrial Fencing Types:

Palisade Fencing:

Palisade fencing is highly effective fencing product that is used to protect the perimeter of your property. This type of fencing has a triple spiked top to prevent people from scaling the fencing and gaining entry to your property. Palisade fencing comes in a range of heights depending on your security and budget. We currently supply palisade fencing in heights. 1.2m, 1.8m and 2.4m. Our Palisade fencing can also be coated in PVC if required.

Paladin Fencing:


Paladin Mesh Fencing Is a welded mesh fencing used for perimeters of company premises, public spaces, schools and sports grounds. This type of fencing is popular as it is aesthetically pleasing finished in a green PVC. Paladin fencing has V Section incorporated into the mesh panels. This V Section increased the rigidity of the panels providing extra security. The standard height of a Paladin mens panel is 2.4m. Greater heights can be achieved using the multi lift principle which required putting one or more panels above the bottom panel. If you would like to know more about paladin panels, contact a member of our team.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is a cost effective fencing solution used for boundaries. Supplied in rolls it makes it easy to transport over more rigid fencing systems. This type of fencing can come in a range of sizes depending on your application. Chain link fencing can come either galvanised or in a PVC coating. The PVC coating can prevent rust over the lifespan of your fencing. Rust prevention will increase the lifespan of the fencing both aesthetically and durability.

Noise Barriers.

Also known as acoustic barriers can be used to reduce the noise coming from industrial areas, motorways and railways. Noise barriers are generally more attractive that other fencing products due to the materials used to manufacture them. This type of fencing are proven to reduce noise levels by as much as 32DB.

Motorway Fencing.

We offer a range of motorway fencing solutions depending on the application. From Noise barriers and boundary fencing to post and rail systems and crash barriers, we have a range of solutions available to you.


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Liam Kennedy

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