The Herdwatch Farming App saves Dairy & Beef Farmers Time & Money on Calf Birth Registration, Herd Management and more! Fully approved by Dept of Agriculture.

What is Herdwatch?

Herdwatch is a farming app used by farmers. It is used by both beef and dairy farmers to save time & money on the running of their farms. The App is fully approved by the Department of Agriculture.

About the App?

  • Saves you Time & Money: The app is designed to save you time on paperwork,  ensures you are compliant which will avoid you any costly penalties.
  • Safe & Secure: All your information is securely stored on our servers. Only you can access your information. If you lose your phone the data can be restored to your new phone.
  • Easy To Use: We have designed the app to ensure it is easy to use. Restricting areas of the app so that only certain information can be entered which will reduce errors going forward.