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Fencing Contractors

KCDFRS has built a reputation for excellence as fencing contractors in Carlow & Kilkenny. Our quality workmanship is sought by some of leading companies in the southeast of Ireland. We specialise as contractors for industrial, security, residential and sports fencing.

Our reputation for supplying quality fencing solutions means we are the supplier of choice for farmers, local County Councils, government bodies, utility companies, equestrian centres and residential properties.

Outstanding Value

As part of the FRS Network, much of our buying is done centrally to ensure that we can deliver you the best products, at the best prices.

Our Service to you.

  • Quick response to your inquiries.
  • A site visit to review your project with our fencing manager.
  • FREE advice from our experts.
  • FREE Quotation.  
  • Time-frame to start and complete the project.
  • Outstanding aftercare service

Our Teams

We currently have 3 full-time fencing teams serving the south-east of Ireland. 

Our background with FRS Recruitment means we can quickly grow our team to meet your fencing requirements.

Fencing Sales

The products we use in our fencing solutions are also available to purchase from our Kilkenny premises. We stock a wide range of fencing types, accessories and tools. If you need advice on fencing, be sure to drop into our store, we are always happy to share our experience.

Liam Kennedy

Liam Kennedy

Fencing Manager

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