Fencers Carlow-Kilkenny

Fencers are very popular now as they are quicker to install than traditional fences and are highly effective in controlling livestock on your farm. Electric fences can be a fraction of the cost than a regular fence. Although they do use electric charges in their operation, they are safe and do not cause any danger to animals. It is proven that animals remember that fences can be electrified and generally stay away from them after receiving a shock.

Supply and installation

KCDFRS can either supply only or supply and erect an electric fence for your farm. If you are interested in supply only please visit us in store or if you are interested in supply and erect please visit our fencing contracting department here.

Fencer Types

Battery Powered Fencers

Battery power fencers are a great choice for your farm where there is no access to electricity. These fencers use a 12V deep cycle battery that can be recharged. Deep cycle batteries are used to ensure that if they become fully discharged the battery will not be damaged.

Mains Power Fencers

When possible, a main supplied fencer is the perfect solution for a fencer as you can be sure that your fence can operate without interruption. This gives you peace of mind and saves you time that batteries do not need to be recharged.

Solar powered fencers

Our solar powered fencers are ideal for remote areas if you don’t have time to be recharging batteries. During daylight, the solar panel charges the battery to ensure your fencer can continue to operate. The perfect alternative between the battery powered and main connected fencer.