Why Use Dura2 Treated Timber?

 DURA2 use a unique patented treatment process, which involves multiple impregnations and multiple controlled dryings.

The timber is durable and has a long lifespan.

DURA2 uses a sustainable forest management system and has reduced CO2 emissions.

The timber is user friendly with no unpleasant odors, and it does not shed.

DURA2 use slow grown pine for there posts which is treated with their patented DURA2 treatment process.

The timber is maintenance friendly as no sanding, painting or varnishing is required.

DURA2 is approved under Biocidal Products Regulations, passing all the necessary environmental, human, and animal health risk assessments.

DURA2 is the alternative to creosote treated timber.

The timber has an elegant appearance, and a beautiful warm chestnut brown colour which was specially designed for DURA2.