Agricultural Fencing.

FRS fencing has over 30 years experience in supplying and installing fencing systems for farmers throughout Ireland. KCDFRS is part of the FRS network and looks after farmers in the Carlow Kilkenny Area. When you choose KCDFRS for your supply and installation of fencing you can be sure that we will always use the best quality materials to ensure that your new fencing system lasts the test of time.

Our agricultural fencing systems can serve a wide range of functions on your farm. From livestock management to farm security our fencing solutions are here to protect your business and livelihood.

Popular Fencing systems for your farm.

Post and Rail Systems

KCDFRS can supply and install a Post & Rail fencing system on your Farm or paddock. Our posts and rail fencing is from native Irish Woodlands. It is pressure treated to extend the lifetime of your investment in a new fencing solution. Our post and rail fencing can come pre treated in creosote if required. Depending on your application we can install either a 3 or 4 rail system.

Livestock fencing.

We stock a wide range of livestock fencing depending if you want to contain animals or keep them away from your crops. Our livestock fencing is made of galvanised steel tension between wooden posts. All wooden posts are treated to extend the life of your fence. To contain your stock different woven wire can be used between the wooden posts. The spacing of the woven wire will depend on the aim of your fencing. Typically you may be trying to contain

  • Cattle
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Fowl.

This fencing can also be used to exclude vermin, cats and dogs from areas of your farm.

Barb Fencing

Still popular among farmers for the control of larger animals on the farm. Also used for security reasons around the farm.

Electric Fencing

We supply 2 different types of fencing to farmers in Carlow and Kilkenny. Our store in Kilkenny has a wide range of fencers for your farm. Our staff are on hand to advise you on what will best suit your needs. Visit us in store to see our range of accessories for your farm.

Mains Fencers

A mains operated fencing, if suitable to your farm can be stronger, more effective and cheaper over the lifespan of your fence.

Battery Fencers

Ideal when you are not in a position to connect your fence to the mains supply. Ideal for temporary solutions, remote areas of your farm, rented land and strip grazing large fields.


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Liam Kennedy

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